architect. | “Cycladic Infusions” – Cavos Hotel, Tinos

“Cycladic Infusions” – Cavos Hotel, Tinos



Design Team: Aristides Dallas & Labis Tozaj

Construction: Aegean Construction & Development Ltd.

Photography: Irini Giotopoulou & Aristides Dallas

Text: Chrysanthi N. Vathi


A Hotel Room Renovation Concept


Cast your eyes in the white interior world of Cavos hotel. A world that is registered in the hard disk of your mind and remains unaltered in time. Focus on the detail and make your own memory of the hotel.

The design of the rooms in Cavos Hotel, Tinos constitutes the conception of a glimpse memory of a Cycladic site, given in an architectural way.

The craftsman who added his personal touch, worked with the liquid plaster thus making forms of no distinct limitations but full of curvatures based on the material variability.

When bending these limitations, the only thing prevailing is the details which each one of us chooses to focus on.

Perhaps, we deal with the fragmented impression of a space that is captured and registered in mind. It just takes a blinking so as to be anchored. It is unique yet liquid at the same time. It may evade and be structured again, like a parallel version, familiar but never the same.