architect. | House in “Volax” of Tinos

House in “Volax” of Tinos


– Shortlisted as one of the best architectural projects of the years 2012-2015 in Greece and participated in the 8th Biennale of Young Greek Architects (Sep. 2015)



The owners, a couple of rock climbers, selected this special site because of its relation to the landscape as well as to these round shaped “works of art” made by nature itself, the rocks of Volax.

The house is made out of 3 major volumes arranged around the rocks, forming a patio in the center. They house the main functions of the house, while the connection between them is “lighter” in material and synthetic address. They all differ regarding height, dimensions or even the material, while it is not followed some organized manufacturing concept or a grid, but instead each volume is placed freely on the land in a different axis, as if it fell and stood there at random, just as happened with the volcanic spherical rocks found in Volax.

Having as our only limitations the orientation and the protection of the existing “random” organization of the surrounding environment, our aim is to harmonize with it and not only organize accordingly the new constructed space, but also the “in-between” space, as well as the relationship between them.