Cubic Hotel, Mykonos

The general plot geometry and the gradient conditions of the ground formed the main principles of the architectural design. At the same time, main concern has been that the plot would be managed in a way that could ensure that all rooms are smoothly separated, and also enjoy of the privacy and accessibility to the view.


In order to deal with these issues, the theory of terracing is adopted; synthetically it is applied on the chessboard base, with the gridded table being “painted” in light and dark colors, alternately. In this way, the compound dipoles of patio & pool (plan view), void & full (front view) as well as high & low (section) are formed. Inclined plane is cut in a series of successive headlands which look like graded steps.


Dimensions of the selected grid serve the hotel’s functionality while the chessboard architectural transition is initially detected at the ground level as plan view and in continuation, it permeates the composition idea to all three dimensions.


With the threedimensional estate of the chessboard, the hotel is converted into a spatial children’s game thus bringing back childhood memories to the guest. Precisely this structure of the hotel creates the sense of privacy as well, through the alternations of deepness-height and indentations-protrusion. Vertical movement is carried out through two elevators and outdoor stairs, forming a core of interconnection. The stairs are set in parallel to the plot’s borders at the neighboring property, so as to acquire distance preconditions, in case of future additions at the neighboring plot. In this way, restrictions-free visual contact towards the view is ascertained.


Eventually, design provides a contemporary multidimensional accommodation option where visual escapes, privacy and accessibility are in constant morphology and elevation dialogue.



Design Team

Aristides Dallas, Afroditi Michail, Labis Tozaj
and Katerina Bali

3D Visualisation

Giannis Liakos, Eirini Marcantonatou, Alexis Visvinis

Structural Study

Theodoros Chrysovergis

Mechanical Study

Evangelos Tentis

Year of study