“Out of the Box”, Mykonos

“Living out of the box” – 5 Cottage Houses in Mykonos

Design Team:

Aristides Dallas, Konstantinos Stathopoulos, Katerina Bali



*Domes International Review of Architecture 2017 – 4th Best Study in Greece


It is a compound of 5 residences, which will form independent holiday units, in a hillside of Mykonos. From the right beginning, they were designed in such way, so as in the future, to be able to be united in order to form two larger residences.

The housing units are developed at the crosscut of the plot while following the inclination of the ground, in order for each one to claim for the best view towards the sea. The concept was the degradation of the Cycladic volume-box and the extension of daily life to the rural area. The white boxes are deconstructed and broken apart to their consisting walls. These walls are expanded creating corner arrangements in order for them to form expanded spaces that include both the “inside” and the “outside”. The harmonic composition of the walls along the crosscut creates a game of masses and bays, which provide the sense of a small village while at the same time, ensure for the privacy of the each residence.

Simplicity of modern design is harmonized with the Cycladic landscape, thanks to both materiality and shape. What from a distance looks like cubes made of white plaster, in a closer look it converts into fragments of spaces among walls, outdoor and indoor ones, with their limits being transparent.