“Urbaniy in Tinos”

Urbanity in Tinos / Duplex in Chora, Tinos


*Domes International Review of Architecture 2016 – Selected in the Greek Architecture Yearbook of 2016


Design by Aristides Dallas

Construction by Dimitris Louvaris

Photography by George Messaritakis


The residence in Chora, Tinos with the monolithic shape, is a reinterpretation of the Cycladic residential architecture, as it could be placed in the heart of Tinos town. The point is characterized by the typical block of flats with a storey repetition and perimeter balcony something that reminds nothing of an island.

Trapped into this tight urban environment of limited view, dense structuring, visual and sound disturbances, the urge for a differentiated approach of the residential concept has come up, with the patio prevailing as a point of relief of all functions and conciliations of the partial residence spaces. Each space acquires a yard, which forms the point of reference and relief while at the same time all spaces are in continuous visual communication, when being both static and in motion.

The envelope, a “virtual solid” in “L” shape, attributes a fortified front towards the town that embraces the residence protectively, thus converting it into a retreat at the noisiest part of the island. Just as engraving gives shape to a marble surface, so too the building is given shape through a sculpture administration of a volume which we abstract aspect elements from, thus forming the openings so as for the internal part to be always bright and at the same time, the sightings always targeted.

The processed virtual solid maintains its border as a volume with its sloping roof being the top of the residence, uncovering a unique observatory of the town at the superior level of the building, with panoramic view of the island.