“Twin Cave Houses”, Tinos

Design Team: Aristides Dallas, Afroditi Michail

The architecture of underground buildings is based on the section and remov- al of a part of the ground; the creation of an internal envelope / shell within the land.

This is what the architectural approach for these two residences intents to point out. With a sense of introversion, the residences are developed in an identical way, yet the fact that they are directed towards opposite sightings provides high levels of privacy.

In this way, the design consists of the following levels: initially, soil is formed; those segments, which conceivably are created by the section, turn into elements made of fare face concrete, as a symbolization to the “harsh”, rocky, low part of the ground. So, an envelope of concrete – a cave – is revealed, which is going to house the residences later on. A stone access core is formed between them which constitutes the articulation of the two residences; Additionally, a protrusion is made of brown stone thus symbolizing soil, the “bland” upper part of the ground. Stone is interacting with the ground level and will be assimilated into the overall sight, allowing to the rest materialities to distinguish.

Secondly, the enclosed private spaces are formed, boxes of white plaster, morphological references to the Cycladic architecture. They are gately placed into the envelope, they house the sleeping areas and they are wisely directed towards the view. All other lounge areas and movements are formed among them.

Finally, the third level consists of the vertical sections to the ground, like wells of light. They work as bioclimatic cores for the residences and create open areas in the background, thus setting the concept of underground building into new standards. At the same time, when being in the background of the entrance, they determine the movement axis, making the guest feel both invited and eager to get inside.

The two accommodation caves, in a dialogue of brightness & darkness, o er the sense of underground living while at the same time they call it into question.